NYFW Diary: Day One

New York Fashion Week is over! I say that with both sadness and a little bit of relief. I have never run back and forth so much in my life, but it was 100% worth it. I’m going to do a series of day recaps to share with you my experience at NYFW FW 17. Here’s day one!

8:00 am

I’ll be the first to tell you, I am not a morning person. The only days I’ll wake up before 8 is Christmas and today. I could barely sleep because I was so excited to finally go to New York. There were weather reports saying that the northeast was supposed to have “the biggest snow storm of the season“, so a lot of flights were being cancelled. Thank God my flight wasn’t one of them. I got ready, ate some breakfast and was on the way to the airport.

12:30 pm

And we’re off! I haven’t seen snow since I moved from Connecticut when I was 6. It was amazing being able to see all the snow from the sky. It looked like all the cities were just white with tiny hints of trees and buildings.

3:30 pm

I MADE IT!! Landed in Newark, NJ but really had no clue how to get myself to Manhattan. After asking a few people, I got on to the Airtran then onto the NJ Transit to make my way to the city.

5:00 pm

Got into Penn Station and had to check in my luggage to be held for the day because I did not want to have to drag my luggage to the fashion shows with me lol. Got a quick bite to eat and then headed towards Lower East Side for the Katie Gallagher Show.

7:00 pm

The show was held at Projective Space, a very intimate studio near Chinatown. Katie Gallagher’s collection showcased black mesh outfits decorated with hints of orange and yellow. The theme of the collection was “Hollow”, inspired by military apparel. The key piece of her collection was a beautiful dark orange bomber jacket. What was different about this show was that it started off as a runway show and ended as a presentation so you really got a closer look at the models and their pieces. You can see the whole collection here.

9:00 pm

Met up with my best friend, Victoria, who just moved out to the city in January for her internship at Rebecca Minkoff. After having a little trouble finding our way through the 16 inches of snow (!!!), we decided to stop at Momofuku Noodle Bar to try their famous Momofuku Ramen. It was the perfect way to keep warm during the blizzard. I’ve always heard so much about David Chang’s place and it definitely lives up to its name. YUM.

11:30 pm

Finally home and time for some sleep. Running around the city during a blizzard is definitely a story in itself. Look out for my recap on day 2!



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