What I Wear Everyday: College Edition

Being a college student is tough. For me, I have class everyday from 8 am to 5 pm with about an hour break in between. I’m constantly running back and forth from home to campus. Being comfortable, yet put together is a hard thing to do, especially on a college campus. I go to Florida State University, where the unofficial class uniform is frat tanks and leggings. Some days I’ll be too lazy to get ready and that’s what I’ll throw on, but on the rare occasion that I don’t hit snooze on my alarm, this is what I wear to class.


I always like to wear something comfy that won’t bother me after sitting in class for an hour. Depending on the weather, it could mean a tank, v neck cotton shirt, or a pullover sweater. I love tying knots on my tanks and shirts just to give it a little flare.


I’m an avid lover of leggings. I have a million black pairs of leggings and they all get put to good use. They’re perfect for class because they’re flexible and comfortable. Sometimes I’ll wear jeans if I’m feeling extra fancy but they tend to get uncomfortable after a while.


I always wear a baseball cap to class. 1. because I’m too lazy to do my hair and 2. it keeps the sun out of my face. Living in Florida, it’s essential and plus, hats are in right now!


I always tend to stick with my white low top Converse or my Adidas Superstars. I know what you’re thinking… how basic. But to be fair, they go with literally any outfit and sneakers are essential for maneuvering around campus. In the winter time, I like to wear my knee high boots to keep warm and they dress up any outfit.


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